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Radon Testing in VA Schools, Apartments and other Commercial Environments

Radon can exist in any type of building, even Schools and Office Buildings. Our Commercial Division can develop the most cost effective and comprehensive testing method unique to your environment. There is never a consultation fee. 

Virginia Schools are mandated to perform Radon Testing in all their buildings throughout the state. In addition, all companies offering Radon Testing or Radon Remediation in Virginia MUST be listed by NRPP, The National Radon Proficiency Program,, or NRSB, The National Radon Safety Board,

Following is a portion of Section 22.1-138, Code of Virginia, as it pertains to Radon Testing in VA Schools:

Section 22.1-138 states: “...B. ...School buildings and additions opened for operation after July 1, 1994, shall be tested for radon pursuant to such EPA procedures and regulations prescribed by the Board of Education pursuant to subsection A of this section. Each school shall maintain files of its radon test results and make such files available for review. The division superintendent shall report radon test results to the Department of Health.”

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends radon testing in “all frequently–occupied rooms that are in contact with the ground.” Examples of rooms in school buildings to be tested include classrooms, offices, gymnasiums, auditoriums, and cafeterias. Areas such as storage rooms, stairwells, toilets, closets, kitchens, or hallways need not be tested.”...

Code of VA Minimum Standards for Public School Buildings

We have facilitated many VA School Systems to comply with this law with our cost effective testing and knowledgeable staff. Property Management companies who lease space to the Federal Government have us test their facilities as well as thousands of apartments funded by certain federally backed loans.

We are a member of the State of Virginia Procurement Division also known as eVA, The Central Contractor Registry also known as CCR, and ARIBA and DBME. We carry all appropriate insurances as well.

Put experience on your side and test with confidence and ease. We deliver results you can depend on!


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