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Radon-Ease, Inc was established in 1987 by Wally Dorsey, Jr. He had his first introduction to Radon during his service in the Nuclear Submarine Branch of the United States Navy. After his service in the Navy, he became a contractor and built homes for a living. Seven years later he decided to resume his studies in Radon at Harvard School of Public Health and Rutgers University. He became approved by The US EPA in Radon Testing and Mitigation.

Through his “hands on” approach to Radon, he has become a leader in Radon Testing in Central VA. His extensive education as well as state-of-the-art equipment allows him to supply the public with supportive data on Radon and its environmental health impact.

He continues to spread the word about Radon thru Civic Meetings, Home Owner Associations and networking groups such as BNI. He also offers Continuing Education Classes at Realtor Associations and Home Builder Associations. Wally’s leadership in Radon Education has designated him, “The Radon Guy”.

Member of:
AARST – American Assoc. of Radon Scientists and Technologists
NRPP – National Radon Proficiency Program
NRSB – National Radon Safety Board


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