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Computerized Radon Testing

We offer long and short term radon testing.

Our primary testing services are performed with Continuous Radon Monitors providing hourly readings of the Radon Levels as well as real time Radon Averages.

The monitors also tell us whether they have been unplugged or moved and what time the disturbance occurred.

Typical test durations for real estate transactions are 48 hours and the test information is available on site at the conclusion of the test. The information may then be provided in a written report to client and/or client's representative.

The price for the Radon Test is determined by the Number of Radon Monitors needed for the home. Protocol determining the Number of Radon Monitors is decided by the Number of Attachments to the Earth the home has and the Square Footage. If a home has 1 foundation and the 1st Livable Floor is 2000sq ft or less, then 1 Radon Monitor is needed. If a home has multiple foundations and/or the square footage of the floor the Radon Monitor is placed upon is greater than 2000 square feet, additional Radon Monitors are required. Cost for 1 Radon Monitor $185, 2 Radon Monitors $285, 3 Radon Monitors $335, 4 Radon Monitors $385, etc. While it is always up to the client how many Radon Monitors they wish to "read", we are required to place monitors according to protocol so that we are covered by our insurance.


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