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Radon Videos

Due to the size of these videos, it may take several minutes or more to download each clip. Actual download time will depend upon the type and quality of your connection to the internet.

You will need Windows Media Player installed to view these videos. If you do not have this program, you may download it from Microsoft by clicking here.

NOTICE: To save videos, right click on video, then left click on save target as save it either to hard drive (c) file or to cd -rom, if it's a writable cd drive.

Video Title Size
Breathing Easy - Part I     3.1MB
Breathing Easy - Part II     3.0MB
Breathing Easy - Full Video     23.3MB
Eddie’s Story The story of an average Joe’s battle with lung Cancer     15.4MB
Julia Harris - Sample     7.8MB
Julia Harris - A Victim's Story     10.4MB
Radon is Real Overview - Broadband     2.3MB
Radon is Real Overview - Dialup     .3MB
Radon is Real - Part I     2.8MB
Radon is Real - Part II     3.1MB
Radon is Real - Full Video     44.0MB
WCCO: I-TEAM's Radon Story Could Change How Homes Are Built     N/A
Public Information Video "Radon: The Invisible Killer or El Radon: El Asesino Invisible"     N/A

Single copies of the above listed videos may be obtained through RadonEase by submitting a request via our "Request More Info" link on the menu on the side of this page. For multiple copies you must contact the video producers via the following links:

AARST - Radon Is Real Video

EPA - Breathing Easy Video Lung Cancer Victims & Their Stories

Use the calculator below to estimate the time needed to download these video clips.

File Size?

It will take you ....

If your modem is a .... Hours Minutes Seconds
9.6 Kb
14.4 Kb
28.8 Kb
56 Kb
ISDN (128 Kb)
Cable/DSL (250 kb)
T1 (1.554 Mb)

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